Discover Genoa with us!

Our tours are perfect for visiting the beautiful Genoa in comfort and safety. Aboard the funny Segway You will discover the magic of the medieval old town, the grandeur and elegance of the noble streets, the squares and monuments, the most exciting and unforgettable views of this wonderful city. Accompanied by our staff, you can let yourself be "transported" by emotions, in a mix of history, culture, music, gastronomy and ... lots of fun!

Driving a Segway is a very easy, intuitive and funny experience. It will be amazing to visit the most characteristic corners of Europe's largest historical center, an UNESCO world heritage site!

Here below have a look at some of the enchanting tours you may book on our website:


    The best way to visit the most important places in the largest medieval old town in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is by Segway! The most effective, fast, easy and fun way to not miss the beauties of the city, experiencing an exciting adventure. The most complete tour, more than two hours in our company to really admire everything! From the hidden alleys of the historic center to the splendid noble streets, our staff will guide you through imposing palaces and breathtaking views, breathing ancient atmospheres, flavors and aromas from all over the world, in complete safety. A mix of culture, art, tradition, gastronomy and lots of fun ... just a few steps from the sea!

    (Tours may vary in duration and content)

    Porto Antico
    The Porto Antico area represents a great meeting point in the city for tourists. Entirely pedestrian, it is perfect for learning to ride the Segway quickly and safely, just a few steps from the sea.

    Palazzo San Giorgio
    The excursion begins with a visit to Palazzo San Giorgio, the first bank in Europe and a place of great historical importance.

    Piazza Banchi
    We will enter the medieval old town passing through this important square, full of curiosities and important buildings.

    I Caruggi di Genova
    We will pass through the largest pedestrian historic center in Europe, with a thousand-year history and full of intricate alleys, secrets and very characteristic places. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
    We will cross one of the most fascinating and important streets in Europe, completely original, symbol of the city. Its elegant 16th century buildings and hanging gardens will give us a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

    Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini
    After visiting the alleys of the old town, the churches and buildings that compose it, we will move to a more recent era with the spectacular and elegant 19th century iron gallery that will lead us to new and important monuments.

    Piazza Raffaele De Ferrari
    We will arrive in the heart of the historic center, the large square with the majestic fountain overlooked by the important Carlo Felice Theater, the Dutch Stock Exchange Palace and other splendid buildings, then we will arrive in the beautiful Via XX Settembre, a historic shopping and business street of the city.

    Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti
    We will admire the large, sumptuous and elegant Palazzo Ducale, once the residence of the Genoese lords and seat of power of the city, also located in the heart of the historic center, in Piazza Matteotti.

    The House of Columbus
    We will reach the house where the famous Genoese navigator was born in 1451 and we will be amazed by the charm it retains.

    Le Torri di Porta Soprana
    We will cross this imposing medieval gate, an ancient access road to the Republic of Genoa, and then slide again through the alleys of one of the oldest districts of the city: Via Ravecca.

    Museo e Chiesa di Sant'Agostino
    You will see the ancient church and its cloister, some glimpses of the center seen from an elevated and fascinating position, then you will descend again towards the sea.

    Piazza delle Erbe
    This characteristic square full of restaurants, pubs and breweries, a true "navel of the world", has always been the meeting point for young people, students at the famous University of Genoa and in general for the Genoese "nightlife".

    Cattedrale di San Lorenzo - Genoa Cathedral, Piazza San Lorenzo
    The Cathedral of Genoa, the most important church in the historic center, with its precious marbles and breathtaking architecture, will make us look up to the sky to be able to admire it in its entirety.

    Porto Antico
    The tour ends with a walk along the seafront, in the Porto Antico, where you can admire the aquarium of Genoa, with its pavilions and modern buildings, the fantastic and fascinating Galleon Neptune, protagonist of pirate films, to finally arrive at the shore of the sea and admire the whole port from a dedicated area.

    Price per person: EUR 60,00

    Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


    Discover Europe's largest medieval historic center, with the amazing Segway, in an hour! Let our staff accompany you on a unique adventure, crossing the ancient alleys, visiting the most important places and the most significant monuments, in complete safety and practicality. The best way to get a complete overview of the whole Genoese center, in a short time.

    (Excursions may vary in duration and content)
    Porto Antico di Genova

    Palazzo di San Giorgio

    Caruggi di Genova - Palazzo Spinola - Quartiere della Maddalena

    Via del Campo

    Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Basilica delle Vigne

    Piazza Raffaele De Ferrari

    Palazzo Ducale - Piazza Giacomo Matteotti

    Cattedrale di San Lorenzo - Duomo di Genova

    Acquario di Genova - Ponte Spinola - Porto Antico di Genova

    Price per person: EUR 30,00

    Duration:1 hour


    An exciting ride with the segways in the historic center of Genoa, accompanied by our staff, to discover the intricate and fascinating medieval alleys, visiting the elegant noble palaces of the sixteenth century, the squares, churches, and the most important monuments ... and then dive in gastronomy and tradition with an unforgettable experience:

    Show cooking with tasting to discover all the secrets of the preparation of the queen of Ligurian sauces, PESTO.

    The preparation of Pesto with mortar, according to the original recipe, will take place in the most elegant and important historical residences of the city and will be carried out in collaboration with our talented partners of "CREATTIVANDO ART & FOOD".

    A mix of fun, culture, tradition and gastronomy, in one adventure!

    Price per person: EUR 60,00

    Duration: 2 hours, 30 minute


    The Aquarium of Genova is the largest aquarium in Italy and among the largest in Europe.

    Located in the old harbor area of Genova, the 33,000-square-foot (3,100 m2) aquarium welcomes more than 1.2 million visitors each year. The Aquarium of Genova, the heart of the AcquarioVillage system, is the biggest display of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. A thrilling dive into the fascinating waters of the world through 74 tanks hosting 12.000 specimens of 400 species including sea cows, the sirens of the sea, antarctic animals – the only European facility hosting them – penguins, sharks, seals, jelly fish and very colorful fish of the coral barrier.

    The aquarium was originally built for Genova Expo ’92, celebrating 500 years since the Genovan sailor Christopher Columbus discovered the new world. The building, which some say looks like a ship ready to head out to sea, was designed by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano. The interior design and initial exhibits for the opening in 1992 were designed by Peter Chermayeff leading a design team at Cambridge Seven Associates. In 1998 the aquarium was expanded with the addition of a 100-metre (330 ft) ship connected by walkway to the original building.

    And since July 2013, the new Cetacean Pavilion designed by Renzo Piano: four open-air pools which can host up to 10 bottlenose dolphins.


    For GROUPS (min. 20 people):
    - EUR 21.00 per adult
    - EUR 17.50 per child 4-12 years old
    - 0.3 years old FREE of charge

    - free visit 2 hours approx.

    The supplement for a guided tour lasting 1h30min is:
    - EUR 110/Guide/Group (Max 30 people) in English

    In the 1h30 services, the guide will show the tanks on the 1st floor of the Aquarium and the upper floor of the Cetacean Pavilion, with a brief introduction to the rest of the tour, which will be visited independently.

    Reservation of the entrance time is compulsory and subject to availability at the time of booking.

    Payment is in advance by bank transfer/credit card, within 7 days prior to entrance date. Group bookings, at group rates, imply the issue of a single ticket valid for the whole group, which is sent by email, in pdf format.

    For INDIVIDUALS, please refer to the website’s prices:

    To be eligible for the group fee, you should connect with other IGS’23 guests who might be interested into the same experience as you. Once you have reached a reasonable number of people, according to the booking terms, please contact



    Since more than 70 years we navigate the Ligurian sea carrying out touristic transport between the little villages of the Ligurian eastern Riviera. We cover an area that goes from Genoa to the Cinque Terre with schedule connections and daily excursions in the heart of the Golfo Paradiso reaching beautiful locations such as Camogli, San Fruttuoso and Portofino.

    We can offer you the Two Gulfs Full-Day Tour or the 2 Gulfs Half-Day Tour.

    They are available from Tuesday to Sunday.


    For GROUPS:

    2 Gulfs Full-Day Tour

    Departure from Genova Porto Antico at 09.00 am for Camogli.

    - Navigation duration 50'.
    - Time at disposal for the visit.

    From Camogli departure at 11.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m. for San Fruttuoso

    - Navigation duration 30'.
    - Time available for the visit.

    From San Fruttuoso departure at 15.10 for Portofino.

    - Navigation duration 30'.
    - Stop in Portofino until 4.50 pm.

    Departure from Portofino at 4.50 pm to Genova Porto Antico with arrival Porto Antico at about 6.30 pm.

    Group rate Tour of the 2 Gulfs: EUR 25,00 per person

    Half Day Tour of the 2 Gulfs

    Departure from Genova Porto Antico at 2.00 pm.

    - Stop at your choice of Camogli (two and a half hours stop) or San Fruttuoso (two hours stop) or Portofino (70 minutes stop)

    Return to Genoa with arrival Porto Antico at about 6.30 p.m.

    Group fare:

    - Genoa - Camogli euro 15,00 pp
    - Genoa - San Fruttuoso euro 20,00 pp
    - Genoa - Portofino euro 22,00 pp

    There is no guide service.

    We can accommodate up to 30 pax.

    To be eligible for the group fee, you should connect with other IGS’23 guests who might be interested into the same experience as you. Once you have reached a reasonable number of people, according to the booking terms, please contact

    Reservation is required.

    We would like to remind you that our boat services take place in favourable sea and weather conditions, judged as such by the boatmaster. Timetables may be subject to change and/or suspension due to technical service requirements; please contact the boat office tel. +39 0185 772091.


    For individual tickets, here below the relevant fares:

    Genoa - Portofino

    - Adult R/T euro 28.00 pp
    - Children 4-12 years euro 16.00 pp

    Genoa - San Fruttuoso

    - Adult R/T euro 25.00 pp
    - Children 4-12 years old euro 15.00 pp

    Genoa - Camogli

    - Adult R/T euro 18.00 pp
    - Children 4-12 years old euro 10.00 pp




    Discover our tours by rickshaw in the most fascinating part of Genoa.

    We are 5 minutes by walk from train station Genova Piazza Principe and the Cruise Terminal!

    Treecycle Genoa is a young company which aims to offer innovative and quality tourist routes in the Old Town of Genoa, using electrical vehicles. The rickshaws can easily move in pedestrian areas, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the local sights, located in the heart of the largest medieval centre of Europe. Your driver will take you to discover the secrets of this ancient city and we are sure you will love it, as we do!

    Here below, find our nicest proposal for you:

    The Sailor Tour

    With this tour you will discover the beautiful fishing quarter of Boccadasse, where you can enjoy an excellent ice cream or fried fish and enjoy a picturesque setting. The tour takes you through 19th-century Genoa, old Genoa and the town's most popular Promenade, Corso Italia.

    - Price EUR 49/person
    - Duration: 2,5 hours

    Fish & Castles

    Leaving nineteenth-century Genoa and old Genoa behind, the tour will take you through the Carmine and Castelletto neighborhoods, and the electric bikes will help you overcome the difference in height, taking you along the avenues from which there are superb views and where the buildings of the city's bourgeoisie are located. The tour will then continue to the Boccadasse district, where you can enjoy a refreshing glass of white wine or an excellent ice cream.

    - Price EUR 75/person
    - Duration: 4 hours

    Reservations can be made by contacting us via email, telephone or form:
    +39 3404155861

    Book Bike Tour - TreeCycle

    Payment can be made by card, cash or bank transfer.

    All our tour leaders speak English (as well as other languages) so we absolutely guarantee the quality of the tour.




    About Swimming Cetacea
    Inflatable boat hire with a driver to discover natural wonders, historic villagers and relax while bathing in enchanting coves that can only be reached by sea, in the beautiful Paradise Gulf and Portofino Natural Park.

    Daily Excursion

    The tour starts in the old port of Genova and continues as specified in the itinerary below.

    S. Fruttuoso di Camogli to visit the charming historic monastery in front of the beach and admire the submerged Jesus Christ of the Abyss.

    Walking tour in Portofino and swimming in front of the beautiful beach of Paraggi.

    Break in Camogli for lunch and to visit the old fisherman’s village.

    The tour will end in Punta Chiappa with snorkeling or walking the amazing promontory of Portofino.

    The speedboat has two large sun decks a sunroof, sound system, inflatable tire for the guests, snorkeling gear and swimming goggles.

    Upon request, we can dedicate a part of the tour to dolphin watching and organize customized dinners and the possibility to attend events along the coast like theatrical shows located on the Ligurian coast and “Stella Maris” when the coast of Camogli is entirely lit by thousands of floating candles or the spectacular fireworks of Recco that are visible from the water.



    Among the many available activities along the rocky Ligurian Sea coast, it is possible to swim in the crystal-clear water. Snorkeling is the easiest and most immediate way to dive in a wild environment where it is possible to observe the lush vegetation and the typical rich Ligurian marine life.


    Genova is the capital of waterpolo.

    During summertime there are many free fields set up in the open sea where it is possible to enjoy and play a real waterpolo match.


    Just off the Ligurian coast, lays the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary, the perfect place to experience the magic of seeing these beautiful creatures in their own natural habitat.

    It is quite common to see, particularly the bottlenose dolphin, which populates the marine areas close to the coastal area.


    There are many itineraries to discover the marvelous Ligurian landscapes.

    Among the most suggestive the ones starting from Portofino and ending in Camogli walking through San Fruttuoso.

    They extend entirely among the wanders of the protected area of Portofino regional natural park and through the rich vegetation and along the mountain overlooking the sea.

    Departures from:

    - Genova – Porto Antico
    - Ponte Morosini


    Elettra Car Sharing

    Try Genoa’s electric and sustainable car sharing service.

    How to do

    Download the Elettra Car Sharing APP or

    Go to
    Register at:
    Choose the "standard" subscription and after registration go to the "Account" and "My account" section and enter the IGS2023 voucher in the "You have a recharge voucher" section.
    This will give you a 10€ purse to use in service minutes during the IGS'23 period.


    In these places you will feel at home.
    The atmospheres are cosy and their specialities are incredibly genuine and tasty. Choose from our favourites and you will not be disappointed. We have not agreed special rates with them, so you don't have to turn up with your badge. We want you to be satisfied. That is what matters most to us.

    Aware of the meaning of organised catering, we have opened our sights to the possibility of 'Italianising' the American concept of the 'steak house', using local raw materials and employing the Italian way of processing and cooking meat, i.e. little marinade, no sauces and greater use of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Our main goals are to select only 100 per cent Italian products, to guarantee quality and excellence that is affordable for everyone, and to top it all off with unmissable entertainment.

    We want everyone who enters a Lostecco restaurant to feel at home!

    Piazza Ferretto 8R
    16123 GENOA
    +39 010 991 3620
    Every day: 18:00 – 02:00
    From Mon to Sat. also 12:00 – 15:00
    Google Map

    Lungomare Lombardo 21
    1645 Genoa
    +39 010 4713009
    From Sun. To Thu. 11:00 – 23:00
    Fri / Sat. 10:00 – 01:00
    Google Map

    Pesto since 1969
    Excellent Genoese cuisine. Pesto is one of the best in town!

    Via dei Giustiniani, 86R
    16123 Genoa
    Google Map
    +39 010 2469302

    The new Venetian bacaro where you can enjoy the classic “cicchetti” of Venetian cuisine.

    Vico Dietro Il Coro di S. Cosimo, 6R
    16128 Genoa
    +39 366 775 2049

    “You enjoy, we love it”
    Traditional Genoese dishes and specialities, but not only.

    Via di Ravecca 54R
    16128, Genoa
    010 251 2591

    “The Best Focaccia al Formaggio”
    The Locanda Tortuga is born from the passion for the traditional Genoese kitchen. Here you can find the best Focaccia al Formaggio in town, homemade pasta, pesto, meat and fish. All with the best ingredients. Next to Columbus' house and Porta Soprana.

    Via Ravecca 13r
    16128 Genova
    Google Map
    Cel. 379 2110964 (even WhatsApp and Telegram)
    Always open for lunch and dinner except Tuesdays

  • TUNA
    “Cantina e Pescato”
    Tuna is a fish restaurant on 3 levels in the heart of Genoa's historic centre, the fourth is a secret...
    From 2018, its heart is the kitchen with "Fish" as the protagonist, now a certainty for those who love quality at dinner.
    "Cantina" from November 2021, for those who prefer an aperitif, tasting quality wines and sophisticated cocktails.

    Piazza di Sarzano 8R
    16128 Genova
    (50 mt. from the St. Augustine Museum)
    Google Map
    Cell. +39 392 4259350